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This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to Jack, (Horse in the House) our beloved Greyhound mix dog! For the last 5 days our sweet Jack has been in and out of the ER vets for a fever of unknown origin. I have spent literally every penny I have and my daughters and I have shed many tears waiting for him to get better. As of today, we believe we have the fever beat and Jack hopefully will be able to come home tomorrow…FINALLY! I’d also like to take this moment to thank all of the amazing Doctors and staff at Sonora Veterinary Specialists in Phoenix, AZ. They have been courteous, gracious, thoughtful, helpful and most of all…have done everything in their power to help a part of our family…our Jack!

Jack...and Sporty sneaking into the pic!

Jack and his pink pig!

PS – Rest in peace Lulu and Punkin (friends loved ones who were lost this week). You will be missed!!


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I’m so embarrassed that I haven’t posted in several weeks. And just as embarrassed that the only things I’ve posted lately are Wordless Wednesdays…so I don’t have to actually write! One of these days I’ll get my shit together and actually write a real post. But in the meantime…more Wordless Wednesdays! This time, it’s the infamous Sporty Spice (aka The Dip Shih Tzu)! The dog with little brain, but lots of happiness! And he loves food…especially treats!

Busted!!! The PopTart thief!!

Busted again! The Nerdy Shih Tzu!

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