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Today I hosted a brunch at my house for my friends. Now, I say friends lightly because realistically, I pick friends like I pick men….NOT GOOD! But lucky for me, I have somehow managed to collect a few, actual good ones along the way. And I seriously mean, luckily, because I don’t know what I’d do without those few, actual good ones! So, I of course invited all my “friends” to the brunch with the naiveness that I thought they were all going to come because they love me and of course they would love to do nothing more with their Sunday then spend the day with me. Haha, and that’s why I’m single, because I think men feel that way about me too. I mean seriously, I’m 42, you’d think I’d learn by now. But nope, not me, I keep having hope!

So where was I , oh yeah…dreaming that I have real friends! Haha. Ultimately, I do! I have Conflicted Mean Girl and her little munchkin. They come by regularly and even though I’ve known them for a mere 4 years (one year for the little munchkin) I truly feel blessed to have them in my life and know that someday I will be attending the munchkin’s wedding (sorry to scare you Conflicted Mean Girl, just trying to make the point that you’ll be in my life forever)! And then there’s my friend Nurse Jen and her boyfriend (hopefully soon to be fiance, Dean). Sometimes I feel like I only talk to her maybe 3 or 4 times a month. But you know what, when I plan something like a birthday party for my friends to celebrate my kids birthdays (because my kids love my friends) Nurse Jen and Dean are the ones that show up. So, the point is I have a few good friends, and I am so thankful for them. But then there are the friends that I think are “friends” and every time I do something like, host a brunch or lose my job, I wait for them to show up and prove they are friends…and they fail every time.

So ultimately, that leads me to think…what really defines a good friend? I mean, isn’t a friend supposed to be someone who supports you and tells you what you want to hear through the bad times. The person that is supposed to agree with you when you make a bad decision then tells you, what the f*ck were you thinking when it goes bad! You know, not the person that bails you out, but the person that is sitting next to you saying, f*ck that was fun! Yeah, that’s a friend. I think in my younger days, I thought that a friend had to be someone that I’ve known forever. But as an adult, I’ve realized that I get more support and hell, definitely more laughter from women that I’ve just met.

For example, last night I struck up a conversation with @btchygirls on Twitter. And seriously, in one night…I think she understood me better than the friends that I’ve known for 8 years that didn’t show up for brunch today. I mean, first thing this morning, I got a tweet from her that said have a fun brunch. A couple of my friends that I actually invited to the brunch never even sent a message saying, hey sorry I couldn’t make it but…. So , can you be friends with someone you don’t even really know? Is that possible? I mean, some people may think that’s a big joke. But you know what, I’ve been blogging and tweeting for about 4 months now, and I think I feel closer and like communicating with my “friends I don’t know” better than a couple of my friends I’ve known for years? How can that be? Because they haven’t judged me. They haven’t disappointed me. They haven’t disappeared when I needed them the most. No. In fact, they seem to be there no matter what. And honestly, I am so happy to have them in my life.

So I’m going to give a shout out to some of these amazing women…via their blogs or twitter, and I want to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for teaching me about what respecting someone is all about (and making me spew wine out of my nose in hysterics of laughter)! My love goes out to @conflictedmeany @btchygirls @posterofagirl7 @viviborne @Ihave7monsters @kimicatron @raine_ok @mzbrendal (hope she’s out of twitter jail now) @jillsmo @newyawkmom @kittykatgrr @carriefairygirl @restlesslori @natablog @mommymomentblog @kalr3 and seriously, the list could go on and on and on! Thank you to all you amazing moms/women/friends that I have met online. You have made me respect myself enough to demand more out of the people that I’ve known for a while now and try to call my real friends! And please to all of you non-bloggers and non-tweeps, take a moment to check out all of their blogs…because they are all AMAZING WOMEN/MOMS and they truly deserve the attention!


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