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Hi, 2011. Why do you seem so much like 2010? Oh, yes, that’s right…it’s because YOU SUCK TOO! Ugh! I find myself saying that a lot these days. Ugh! For some reason it makes me feel better. And actually, I don’t think I ever really say it. I just type it. Ugh. In texts, on Twitter, on my blog. Ugh. Yep, still makes me feel better.

I never, ever get my hopes up when it comes to a New Year. I used to. In the old days. When I was young and stupid. New Year, New You, I’d say. Ugh! Now I’m old and tired and smarter. Smarter from having my ass kicked by New Years of the past. Yeah, you know I’m talking about you 2006 and 2007. Hide your face in shame!!! Now I know its only 4 days into 2011, but somehow I am disappointed. Which is sad considering I had no high hopes at all. Not one. I’m hoping that will change. I need it to change.

What is the first step to making a new year worth getting excited about? Anyone have any ideas? I need a new job, I want a relationship (a healthy one, not this bull crap 2008 gave me). Man, I even need a new hair style. Where do I start? And most importantly, where do I even find the energy to start?

Any thoughts? I’d appreciate some help…while I go plot my revenge on 2009!!!


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