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Very Friendly Butterfly!

They say if a butterfly lands on you it means good luck! I think it’s just plain cute!


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Today is Valentine’s Day. I think its a bogus holiday. It’s really only around for Hallmark to make money off of sappy lovebirds (stupid)! However, 13 years ago today I got the best Valentine’s present ever (it actually might be my only one, I’ve never been good at dating men who recognize me on Valentine’s Day, much less any other day…I’m an idiot) my youngest! It was actually Friday the 13th when I went into the hospital in labor. But I crossed my legs and prayed hard and said, please, please make it to midnight! Power of prayer…I had her at just after 1 am on Valentine’s Day. What a great blessing. And she’s been blessing me ever since!

So, like on the oldest’s birthday, I could tell funny stories of things Samantha has done…we used to call her Scrappy Doo because she was always the tiniest of things but she could whoop your butt in a second. Her older sister learned this quickly! And the older one, she was a perfect angel at school but a monster child at home…Scrappy Doo, perfect angel child at home…but boy did she give those teachers a hard time. Like, standing against the wall and holding her hands over her ears chanting, “You’re not the boss of me”!! Haha, oh boy did they have their hands full with her.

But she was also the one who, on career day in preschool (yes they had career day in preschool, crazy I know) she went as a Princess. And I said, well you know what…if anyone is going to do it, she can! I’m still crossing my fingers for that one! LOL! But, the funny stories and the nicknames…they aren’t what really makes her who she is. Her creativity and her sensitivity are what makes her special. When she was 9 she asked for an easel and paints because she decided she wanted to be an artist. So, I obliged and started her on her way to painting with acrylics and sketching. Then about 2 years later she decided she wanted to be a photograper as well (not instead of…she still loves painting). So, I obliged, again.

I think that you can see the real Samantha in her artwork and her photography. There’s a lot of talent in that little 13 year old body…but even more so, there’s a lot of feelings and emotion! Following are some of her beautiful photography. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


Balloon release at Breast Cancer Awareness Party

Family Camping at Hawley Lake


More Flowers

And to really show her spirit…this is what she made my computer background today…her face, oh that silly face (upper right corner in case you can’t tell)…that is the real Sami!

Valentine's Day Love


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