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Leave it to my youngest to help me see just one more reason why I’m still single! I mean, she’s always been the more responsible one. And she’s definitely the creative one. But when did it become right for her to show me up in my own house…I mean I pay the bills around here (well, except not lately, but whatever, this isn’t about me)!

This morning my youngest who is turning 13 on Valentine’s Day (yep, best Valentine’s Day present ever…all men should just give up and not even try to match that one) and her best friend decided that they wanted to make breakfast. They got some grand idea’s, looked them up on the internet. Made me a grocery list. Which I so nicely went early this morning and picked up for them. And then they show me up. How you might ask?

Well, this is my idea of breakfast (and for that matter, it makes a good lunch or quick dinner also):

Breakfast of Champions!

And this is what they made;

Piggy Pancakes!

Yep, Piggy Pancakes. And they made them for everyone in the house. I just served myself Dr Pepper and Oreos. Whatever!

And guess what? They were really yummy! Those BRATS! Haha! Thank you Sami and Katie for the wonderful Saturday morning breakfast. What are you guys doing tomorrow morning?


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