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I always tell my daughters, “You probably should be nicer to each other, one of these days you may wake up and discover that each other is all you have”. Of course, it goes on deaf ears. Just like I’m sure it did when I was younger and I was irritated with one of my 3 sisters. Raising two girls sure has made me appreciate my mother, who raised 4. Every time I tell my parents stories of the trials and tribulations of raising 2 girls, they just smile and I know they are thinking “Payback’s a bitch”!! Well, probably without the bitch part, since I definitely didn’t learn my cussing from my parents! LOL!

So, a while back, my mom gave the 4 of us girls this USB filled with pictures. She took and scanned in pictures of us growing up, categorized them by daughter and then saved them to a USB for each of us. Then, when realizing she had so much room on the USB, she saved each individual ones, to each others…so basically, we all have each others pictures. My mother is amazing and I don’t want to even get started on that, because this post is supposed to be about my sisters, and I could write about my amazing mother for days. So anyways…the recent family camping trip reminded me about my USB and so I looked through the pictures again last night. They make me laugh…they make me think, what the hell were we wearing…they make me cry, wishing I lived right next door to all of them…and they make me realize…hey, did I ever get new stuff? I mean, I know I’m the youngest…but did I only get hand me downs? LOL! I might file a formal complaint!

What I’ve learned as an adult, and which I try to tell my girls, even though they don’t listen, is that I do remember cat fights at my house. I do remember wishing I was an only child. I do remember wishing I had my own room or I didn’t have to wear hand me downs. But now, those things are just stories and pictures, that we laugh about. Now, I am so grateful to have my sisters in my life. We’ve had a few “girls trips” over the years and boy, the laughter that still comes from thinking about those nights…Paula blowing the power at the casita…Laura falling down the stairs…Kathy and I having a few too many tequila shots and losing the car and our credit cards! I can’t imagine my life without my sisters…and yet 30 years ago, I would have traded any of them for a puppy in a heart beat! LOL!

The Four of Us

My mother used to dress us alike. My dad used to say it’s because she made our clothes from the old curtains! LOL! But seriously, she did make all of our clothes. She and my aunts would get together and they would sew clothes for all of us kids. (Who does that? Do any mom’s do that anymore?) And unfortunately they were always matching!

It's like a freak show with all the matching! LOL!

We would have the same material, but they would be different patterns. That was great for Laura, the oldest, because she only had to wear it once…but me, yeah, hand me downs, so basically it looked like I wore the same thing for like 4 years…because I had to wear everyone else’s clothes! Haha, I have proof Mom, don’t think you’re getting away with this!

Notice the red and blue dresses!

And then…

Notice the red and blue dresses now!!

I talked about my family a little in my post about our family camping trip and I might have concentrated then on how crazy funny my family is. But I think when I look back through all these pictures of me and my sisters I can’t help but think about how amazing my parents were at raising us to actually “be sisters”. Yes, maybe they had to force us to spend time together then, and hell, they even force us to spend time together now (couple years ago they paid for us all to go on a cruise for their 50th anniversary and of course, there is the annual family camping trip) but they taught us how important it is to be a family…and I hope it’s something that I can show my girls as well. It’s hard for me, with a broken family. I worry about whether I can instill that in them as my parents did us…but a family doesn’t mean you have to be a dad, mom and 2.5 kids living in a big house with a white picket fence. A family means you have to love each other, tolerate each other and support each other. The tolerate thing I’m still trying to teach my girls. LOL! I guess that will come in time! Hmmm, I wonder if my sisters are still just tolerating me? ­čÖé

Vacationing in San Diego!


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So, I’m the youngest of four girls. And yes, I am a total Daddy’s girl. And I’m not embarrassed by that at all. In fact, I’m very proud of it. Although, I think my Mother is a Saint from above, so I guess you could say I’m partial to both of them! Anyways, tonight I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard, and been so scared, at the same time. In fact, this seriously has been one of the funniest things I’ve ever been through with my parents…and I think my Dad is pretty frickin hilarious so that says a lot. So what happened? Well this is how my Sunday just ended:

I have been doing laundry and cleaning house all day…and decided around 5:30 to make a big dinner and open a bottle of wine. So now, a couple hours later I’m well into my bottle of Cabernet and I’m innocently watching Family Guy with my youngest (after I just watched Extreme Home Makeover and cried like a big old baby) and I take a sip of my wine. Now I have to add that I’m quite a lightweight and I’m now easily through 1/2 of the bottle of wine so I’m pretty tipsy. So as I put my glass down, I happen to see the red light of my blackberry blinking. Now, this excites me because it seems these days, my phone rarely goes off unless the kids need something and since they are both in the house with me…this must be something really good…like a boy or something…maybe asking me out on a date or something fun like that. The excitement rises.

So, I grab my phone. I put in the password (not sure why I need a password, but it makes me feel special) and I pop open the messages screen…and this is what I see:


And of course the number it came from was programmed into my phone, so those of us who are fluent in cell phones (unlike my parents apparently) this is really what it looked like:

HELP from Mom & Dad

Ahhhhhhhh, yeah. WTF? I panicked. So, I jump up and walk out of the living room. God forbid my youngest have to hear the conversation I think I’m about to have. My chest is pounding and my hands are shaking and my head is going a mile a minute, the thoughts are speeding through my head. Oh my God…my sister is at her cabin so she’s far away and Oh my God, my sisters down in Tucson, they must be gone too because I’m in Phoenix and why, oh my God, why would my mother need my HELP unless it is something really serious. But who even stops to wonder why she needs my HELP (much less wonder why she would send her HELP in a text since it apparently takes her 10 minutes to type a text). No, that just takes time. You don’t think in these moments, you just respond. HELP…that sends you into panic mode and then into action mode right away.

Of course, the next thing that popped into my head was, SHIT…I’ve drank over half a bottle of wine…how am I going to drive to Tucson right now. All of this of course, is going through my head as I dial Mom & Dad. And this is what I get on the other line:

Mom: Laughing hysterically…”I hit send before I was ready. I was trying to text you another text…but I wasn’t fast enough”.

Me: What, what is going on? I got this text and I panicked?

Mom: Still laughing hysterically…”I knew that wasn’t going to go over well and I was trying to text you another text so you wouldn’t panic but I was too slow and you called first”.

Me: What’s going on, what do you need?

Mom: We are at 31,000 points and we need the 7 letter word because we do not want to lose all of these points!

Me: (still shaking and heart still pounding but suddenly realize the HELP relates to them solving a Word Text puzzle on their Kindle) Seriously? Mom, seriously? I just got this HELP text and I panicked and all you need is help with a 7 letter word? Mom, YOU CANNOT TEXT HELP and think I’m not going to panic. (of course at this point, I have to admit, I was laughing as hard as my mom)

Mom: Oh honey, I wouldn’t text you if it was serious, I’m just not fast enough at it. So, if I give you the letters, will you see if you can get it?

Me: Mom, I almost just had a heart attack. You can’t do that. That frickin scared the shit out of me! I’m losing it over here and all you need is a 7 letter word?

Mom: Yes, we are at the highest we’ve ever been, 31,000 points, we can’t lose this!

Me: Alright, give me the letters (At this point, you just have to laugh. And believe me, we both were. We were laughing so hard we could hardly speak).

I was still seriously shaking. And my heart was still pounding out of my chest. But my Mom? She was laughing so hard she could hardly talk. And after I knew everything was okay, I was laughing hard too. It was pretty funny when you think about it. I mean, hell, why would my Mom text me if something was really wrong with them? I mean, especially if it takes her so long to type a text (they are very new at texting). And really, I know I”m not going to be the first person called in an emergency. I mean really, 911 will be the first called, and then my sisters in Tucson. I know I’m not the first point of contact here…but I’ll tell you what…when HELP…from Mom & Dad came in…my whole life passed before my eyes…and it was AMAZING…and I’m happy to say that like most of my life…this time ended in tears of laughter as well!

Oh, and just in case you care…I did get the 7 letter word…from NAOTPHE…I got phaeton. Yep…that’s why my mom texts me HELP!

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