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Okay, listen up peeps! I totally believe in the power of social media. I mean, I started this blog and signed on to Twitter for the first time only like 2 months ago and I already have decent traffic and I have over 400 followers on Twitter. So, this social media thing must work, right? Because I’m a dork, but I seem to be on a roll to figuring this thing out, so it must not really be that hard.

Anyways, I digress…my point is that I do believe in this new age way of advertising and promoting via online “word of mouth”. And I’m challenging myself to set out and prove that it works. A friend of mine makes custom t-shirts. Very cool ones and very fun ones. He was over the other day and wearing this really fun t-shirt for Spring Training and he mentioned that he was selling them and so if I knew anyone. Haha! I laughed! Do I know anyone? Hell, I have 405 very close friends (me, smiling) on Twitter. You bet your ass I know people!

Haha anyways, he laughed at me and so I challenged him to let me post the t-shirt on my blog and through my Twitter. I told him I could increase his sales by a gazillion. I’m sure I got a little arrogant with my sales forecast, but in my defense, we were drinking mimosas and champagne does really go to my head.

Anyways…here’s where all of you come in…I need you all to help me prove my point…THAT I’M POPULAR AND HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS. Oh wait, not really that one…but I do need you to help me prove to him that SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW WAY TO PROMOTE AND SELL!

So, here’s the deal. Here’s a picture of the t-shirt. It goes for $10 (people that’s cheaper than a pitcher of beer at most bars) and there are also tank shirts available. This is the perfect shirt to wear to all the Spring Training games and I told him to just leave it to me and at the next game he goes to…he’ll see these all over the place (open mouth insert foot). Okay, so lets do this people…I’d like to be able to pull my foot out soon!

Spring Training Must Have!

To order, send me an email at functioningdysfunctional@gmail.com. Put “Spring Training” in the subject line.

I have faith in all of you…help me back my big mouth up!!! If we sell enough…we’ll have a big get together at a local sports bar (Phoenix area), all of us in our Relief Pitcher t-shirts!

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