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Today is my oldest’s 16th birthday. I cannot believe that my little munchkin is actually 16. That is so scary. And really, how does she keep getting older without me getting older? It’s crazy. LOL! Anyways, my oldest was always quite the handful (and still is and I’m sure turning 16 will only make her more of a handful…watch out Phoenix drivers…she’s officially on the road) so I thought I would dedicate this post to the funny things she has said or done in the past 16 years. The little things that I like to remember…the memories I hold deep in my heart…and bring out frequently to keep myself from sending her back to where she came from!! She always had a very advanced vocabulary and was speaking in full sentences at a very young age…and it sure didn’t take long before I realized that she was way smarter than me and her father.

Perfect example of her outsmarting her father (still happens on a regular basis, haha)…she was around 2 and we had just moved into a new house…with white carpets (who has white carpets when they have a 2 year old). However, we had not received the furniture yet so in the living room was one big comfy leather chair and a wood bench. So the little one decided to plant her little butt in the big chair with a bowl of Fruit Loops and watch some Barney. Dad came in, moved her little butt out of the chair and turned the tv to football (I luckily had a perfect view from the kitchen, of what was about to follow). He informed her, he was the grown up and she was little so he got the chair, unless she could get him out of it, at which point she pushed and shoved but he didn’t budge. So, she moved to the coffee table and proceeded to drop a Fruit Loop on the white carpet and step on it (the whole time, staring straight into his eyes). He insisted she pick it up…which she did not. Then, another Fruit Loop down and smashed…he again insisted it get picked up…it did not. This went on until there were about 7 or 8 smashed Fruit Loops on the white carpet, at which point, her Dad got up to pick up the Fruit Loops…and the little one, jumped in the big, comfy chair, spread herself across the whole thing…and held on for dear life. As I laughed, I said, “I believe the 2 year old just outsmarted you…you might as well just call it a day”! Mark 1 for the 2 year old!

Driving home from school one day, she was around 3 because the youngest was along now and was about 4 months old. It was almost Father’s Day and I had just picked them up from daycare where the oldest had made her Dad a little bowl of some sorts (you are not supposed to question what your kids make, you just like it. Hell, my parents still have some sort of container I made, which I accidentally fired the lid onto so now they use it as a doorstop…embarrassing) and on the bottom it said, Happy Father’s Day! Love, Sydney. So, I’m holding it and she says to me, “What does it say”? So I say, “It says Happy Father’s Day! Love, Sydney”. Then she says, spell it…so I say “H.A.P.P…at which point, she shouts out…Hahahaha I made you say PeePee! Oh Dear Lord…Give me strength.

On another day, driving home from daycare, Sydney, mad at her 4 month old sister for some reason…you know how annoying infants can be…said, “What the hell”? And I replied, “Sydney, we do not say that. That is not a nice word”. To which she replied, “What, I said HILL…like the thing you climb up”. (At this point, I believe she actually rolled her eyes at me…but I was really too afraid to look directly at her)!

Several months later she followed up the “HILL” line with another fine use of a cuss word…She was wandering around the living room looking for something and when I told her she was in my way she informed me that “she really didn’t give a damn”…at which point I again said, “Sydney, we do not say that. That is not a nice word”. To which she informed me…”I said, DAM, like the thing that holds water”. Much to my surprise…I actually found a little strength to have my own comeback…I said, “I think you better go outside with your Dad, before I kick you in the ass…and by ass I mean, like the donkey”!! Haha, boy, I really told her. 1 for Mom…50 for the child!

Of course, nowadays, I’ve given up trying to tell her we don’t say those words. Now most of our laughter comes from the dumb things she does….like looking for Halloween costumes one year and there was an elf costume in the catalog and she says to her sister…who would want to be an elf for Easter? Haha, WHAT? Of course, several months later, when it was “actually” Easter, her sister and I woke her up by saying Happy Halloween!

There’s also the time she walked face first into a sign along a sidewalk…or fell off the curb while Trick or Treating with her friends because she couldn’t walk in heels. Or the time she stabbed herself in the hand while trying to break up a frozen Gatorade she wanted to eat. Her clutziness sure gives her sister and I plenty of laughs. Even better is when she accidently makes herself look dumb…like Christmas this year we were putting up the tree…we have quite a few “homemade” ornaments (as I hope all parents do) and so she pulls out this little paper Christmas tree with a rope on it to hang it from and she says, “haha who made this stupid ornament”…at which point she turns it over and it says right across the back…Sydney (actually with the y’s backwards) and then the part we liked the most is that instead of the year 2000 which must have been when she made it…it said…200000000000000. LOL! Apparently someone liked to write zero’s!

It’s fun to think back to all the times we’ve laughed at her and with her. It’s fun to think back to 16 years ago when she decided to come into this world almost 5 weeks early…after being postponed when she tried to come 9 weeks early. I get a smile on my face every time I think of her beautiful curls that she has had from the moment she had hair…and the times I’ve sat next to her and stuck my fingers through those beautiful little spirals. There have been violin concerts and horse shows and volleyball games. And of course, the dances…and the friends…and the boyfriends. I guess the lesson learned is that no matter how hard being a mother is…and no matter how many times I struggle to raise her and her sister…there truly is nothing more amazing and more satisfying…than motherhood.

Happy 16th Birthday Sydney! I am so proud of the beautiful young girl that you have become and I look forward to the many more adventures we have yet to experience! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY LITTLE MUNCHKIN !

My Big Brown Eyed Girl!


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